About my work

And even pain i wrap into beautiful wrapping paper.


The essential part of my work concentrates on our human existence. That’s not because I´d think it would be more special than any other form of existence, not at all. Its just because I am human.- and most likely I am able to tell  stories from this perspective.


Psychological  and spiritual questions occupy my mind since I was very, very little. I have always been looking for spirituality. For the things that exist “behind” that thing we call “reality”, for the things we cannot really see behind physical and superficial experience. It’s hard for me to accept that things are “the way they are”, and I like to question everything we have adopted as something normal into our everyday lives.


To make some kind of comparison: Maybe I act like a sponge that’s absorbing, then mixing, thinking and living through everything around itself. Until, finally, it explodes onto some canvas or through a piece of music. I am a very intuitive painter and writer, automatically translating my feelings and thoughts into pictures and words, without actually having to think about them. They just feel “right”.


Playfulness and a certain sense of humour are highly important for my work. So my pictures and music pieces may appear like little stages where something strange, something inscrutable, but also something kind of funny is going on.


Anyway I can truly say that there is always a deeper meaning and a certain kind of message attached to it.